Consulting Services

Our experienced safety consultants have extensive experience in the field of WHS and will assist your organisation in its application of legislative requirements.

Training & Inductions

Safety Training Assurance Group provides health and safety training solutions including whitecard training, delivering a broad range of health and safety related training solutions and support services.

Incident Investigation

Workplace Accident Investigation is used to determine the cause(s) of an accident and identify any failure of the health and safety management system.

Safety Audits & Inspections

Audits are conducted to determine the effectiveness of management systems and to identify the strengths and opportunities for improvements.

Risk Management

Your business faces risks every day. Identifying, controlling and managing them can help drive your company forward confidently and reduce costs.

Compliance, Assurance & Governance

Good safety assurance will give senior managers the confidence that the controls selected to manage all known safety risks are in place and are effective.

Development of Training Videos

Looking to upgrade your current training videos? Are staff not engaged with the current videos? Professionally and individually created, your next training video will have everyone glued to the screen!

Outsourced OH&S

It’s extremely affordable to outsource your workplace health and safety requirements to people who live and breath it 24/7.  Retain the regular services of a Safety Training Assurance Group employee to serve as your ‘in-house’ safety expert.

HSR Training (5 Days)

A specialised, 5 day training course for designated workplace Health & Safety Representatives. Course participants will be trained to meet the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and become an active and competent member of a Workplace Health and Safety Committee or as a Health and Safety Representative.

WHS & OHS Training

Sectors We Service

The team at safety Training Assurance Group boasts a very diverse range of work experience. We’ve assessed or provided the relevant training and documentation on everything from cutting edge pet-food canning lines to the team-building rock climbing event … and everything in between. We have the expertise and the passion to ensure all staff and contractors can work in a safe environment and return home from work safely at the end of every shift.

Here are just a few of the sectors in which we have an extensive body of work.

Our experienced OH&S professionals have extensive experience in the field of WHS and will assist your organisation in its audit and compliance, HSR Training & safety procedures. Phone: 04 1915 5645 – STAG


At Safety Training Assurance Group our flat management structure and extensive network of industry partners allows us to customise our services to precisely fit your needs. We provide services at both the operations and executive level.