Safety Audits and Inspections


Check your business is on track with our Safety Audits and Inspections!

There is simply no point in developing systems to manage risks to health and safety of employees and others if no evaluation is ever done to see if these systems actually work.  In proactive companies, a workplace health and safety audit is used as a regular review process to enable the executive management to establish the effectiveness and value of the documented systems.

An WHS management system is a planned, documented and verifiable method of managing WHS hazards. What makes it a system is the deliberate linking and flow of processes that creates an intentional way of managing WHS matters.

Audits are conducted to determine the effectiveness of management systems and to identify the strengths and opportunities for improvements.

By systematically auditing WHS systems in the workplace, you can effectively:

  • Plan and monitor Safety Management by risk priority
  • Monitor effectiveness of Emergency Response procedures and requirements
  • Plan and monitor WH&S Activities
  • Plan and assess WH&S Training

An audit can be specific and undertaken to determine if workplace practices are meeting legislative requirements.

Audits we conduct and compile include: