OHS Compliance, Assurance & Governance


OHS Compliance, Assurance and Governance

Whether you are starting from scratch or reviewing your current health and safety management system, Safety Training Assurance Group consultants can guide you through the process.
Just keeping on top of the latest health and safety legislation and current interpretation of health and safety case law can be very time consuming.

Health and safety legislation impacts on the vast majority of business operations, although how compliance is achieved can vary considerably. So whether it’s about knowing where your organisation’s own processes need supplementing or if specialist intervention is required, we make sure support is integrated where it is needed. This sees compliance become more of a value added activity as opposed to just identifying non compliance or gaps in your processes.

Good safety assurance will give senior managers the confidence that the controls selected to manage all known safety risks are in place and are effective. It will identify weaknesses and, through a systematic cyclical process of monitoring and review, facilitate improvement by the effective application of new and enhanced controls.

System safety assurance relates to the combination of the activities undertaken by the whole industry to provide reassurance to external stakeholders.