Accredited Training


Accredited Training

Associated Non-Technical Skills (ANTS) was introduced by NSW Mine Safety Advisory Council in 2011 and has been embraced by the majority of mine operators. ANTS supports the development, implementation, maintenance and improvement of OHS management systems and the technical skills required to introduce engineering solutions or hard barriers to eliminate or control risk. Competence in ANTS enables the people within the organisation to interact effectively to minimise risk and harm. It encourages a:

  • Participative approach to consultation that enables ownership.
  • Efficient implementation of organisational policy and programs ensuring role clarity and commitment at all levels.
  • Development and use of realistic safe work practices.
  • Competent people to carry out the work.
  • Evaluation and improvement strategies.

This initiative is targeting the key non-technical skills of situation awareness, leadership, teamwork, communication and decision making.

The core Associated Non-Technical Skills work together to facilitate:

a) Consultation.
b) Participation and demonstrated commitment)
c) Supervision.
d) Behaviour.

Competence in ANTS enables all who work in the industry to interact effectively.  Research relating to incidents in high risk industry sectors such as aviation, medicine, oil and gas, and mining indicates that the failure of work systems to produce the OHS outcomes often result from inadequacy of ANTS.